Want to take action, help address the multitude of issues medical cannabis patients continue to face and gain hands on experience? Click HERE to fill out our volunteer form!

MCC is pleased to announce new volunteer opportunities and the launch of five key committees, each with its own specific goals and opportunities for experience, learning and exposure to a network of professionals in the medical cannabis space. 

For every committee, we encourage medical cannabis patients to volunteer and be a part of the team. MCC recognizes health is a priority and can work with you to find a way to get engaged while also prioritizing your time, health and wellbeing. 

Committee opportunities at MCC 

Patient advisory committee: A diverse mix of patients and caregivers and patient group representatives from different backgrounds to engage patients, provide input into the organizations strategy and operations at all levels from the patient perspective.

  • MCC encourages patients to apply to all committees they have interest in. 

Public affairs committee: Communications, advertising and marketing, government relations professionals who can support PR, GR, digital community mobilization, advertising and marketing activities. 

  • The committee will provide Input into public affairs strategies for organization and support the execution of media campaigns, social media campaigns, lobbying at the provincial and federal level, and additional advocacy work .

Legal committee: Legal professionals to support advocacy efforts through tactics like freedom of information documents, public interest litigations. 

Medical & scientific advisory committee: Nurses, physicians, pharmacists, medical researchers, academic researchers who can: 

    1. Act as a conduit and medical cannabis champion to their field and respective organizations (CMA, OMA, academic associations).
    2. Provide insights from medical and research fields to support research into medical cannabis, medical community engagement and inform advocacy efforts

Stakeholder committee:  Medical sellers, corporations, pharmacy associations, pharmaceutical companies, and other private- and public-sector stakeholder representatives who can

  • Help support fundraising, sponsorship’s, donations, funding, and, ongoing relationship management 
  • Provide input from their respective industries 

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] 

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