Medical Cannabis Canada (MCC) is a national non-profit patient advocacy organization whose mission is to advance the outcomes of all medical cannabis patients and ensure they can access their treatment safely, equitably and with the support of health care professionals. Formerly known as Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM), MCC was founded in 2014 and continues to fight for the rights and needs of patients in Canada.

  • Mandate

    • Advocate for the rights and needs of medical cannabis patients
    • Increase the legitimacy of medical cannabis and expand public education and understanding
    • Improve the medical cannabis system in Canada and push forward equitable access to legal medical cannabis
    • Support the expansion of insurance coverage for patients
    • Champion research in medical cannabis and create awareness among healthcare providers to better support patient needs.
  • Policy priorities

    • The Cannabis Act and medical framework are coming up for review starting in 2021, which will provide an opportunity for MCC to push forward foundational changes to break down these barriers and improve the legal regulated medical cannabis stream. In order to support these changes, our key priorities are focused on the following:
      • Expanding access points to medical cannabis through pharmacy distribution, in addition to existing mail delivery options
      • Affordability, with a focus on eliminating excise duty, HST/GST and PST (in applicable provinces) and pushing for the expansion of benefits coverage
    • Achieving change in these two areas is essential to expanding safe and reliable ways for patients to access medical cannabis as well as reducing their treatment costs. What’s more, these changes will ensure increased access to health care professionals and guidance on contraindications, and legitimacy alongside other medically authorized medications.

Who is on MCC's board of directors?

Learn more about our board of directors here.

How can I support MCC?

We very much appreciate any financial support you can give. Donations can be made here. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact us here.

Are you industry related/funded?

MCCis a patient run and focused organization that is completely independently operated. We also have a strict policy on corporate contributions and sponsorships (available here).

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