Will work towards timely, equitable and consistent access to medicines that improve patient outcomes

Medical Cannabis Canada (MCC) is excited to announce that the organization has joined the Best Medicines Coalition (BMC), a national alliance of patient organizations with a shared goal of equitable and consistent access for all Canadians to safe and effective medicines that improve patient outcomes. The BMC has recently grown to include 30 member organizations representing a broad range of patient communities.  

Full list of Best Medicine Coalition member organizations

“It is essential to have a strong and collective voice advocating for patients to bring about real change,” says John Adams, Board Chair, Best Medicines Coalition and CEO and Co-Founder, Canadian PKU & Allied Disorders. “MCC and the BMC share the same goal of equity and access, and we welcome MCC’s support for our mission and the opportunity for guidance for our member organizations that work with patients accessing cannabis for medical purposes.”

This announcement represents another important opportunity to bridge the gap between medical cannabis and traditional therapies, and build deeper relationships with diverse patient communities in Canada. 

“We are excited to support this important group of organizations, while also learning from their decades of experience, so we can help improve patient access and care for medical cannabis patients,” says Gerald Major, MCC Board Chair and BMC Director.

MCC Board members, Max Monahan-Ellison and Gerald Major will act as member representatives for MCC on the BMC. 

About Best Medicines Coalition 

The Best Medicines Coalition is a national, non-profit alliance of 30 patient organizations, together representing millions of patients, with a shared goal of equitable, timely and consistent access for all Canadians to safe and effective medicines that improve patient outcomes. Areas of interest include regulatory approval, assessment, and reimbursement, as well as patient safety and supply issues. The BMC strives to ensure that Canadian patients are meaningful participants in health policy development, making certain that patient-driven consensus positions are communicated to decision-makers and other stakeholders. The BMC was formed in 2002 originally as a grassroots alliance of patient advocates and was registered as a Not-for-Profit in 2012.